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€194.81 €216.45
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  • l22332

  • Protezione: Treccia
  • Package: Box
  • Marca: SKW
  • Connettore A: XLR
  • Product Name: WG20-06
  • Joint: 24K gold plated
  • Diametro esterno: 8MM
  • Sesso: Maschio-Femmina
  • Shell: Copper Aolly
  • Cable Color: Black And White
  • Numero modello: WG20-06
  • Tipo: Linea Audio
  • Connettore B: XLR (3-pin)
  • Confezione: Sì
  • Conductor: Silver Plating On OCC
  • Imballaggio: Contenitore di scatola
  • Applicazione: Amplificatore

Andrei Funtanin
I am delighted! The sound is great straight from the box! This product has no competitors, at least on Aliexpress. (I bought a lot of interconnects on Ali. But in each case there was some stretch in the sound.) There is a wonderful Clear sound in the entire range. Dense at low frequencies, collected at mid frequencies and Airy at high frequencies. Thank you! And the order came very quickly! I recommend to everyone! Happy New Year!

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